Things I Love: Cake Plates

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have a major infatuation with cake plates. I have collected some already but they are horded away in a cabinet above my refrigerator and my dream is to have a huge collection somewhere on display in my house. Here are a few of I have been drooling over for the last few days!

All these are from Pinterest, my newest obsession


Linda said...

i love cake plates too!

sadly, i don't have a collection yet, but maybe soon? ;]

Anonymous said...

So, how did this obsession start? Such a quirky thing to collect! (I do kinda like the tree one though)

Marika xoxo said...

What a pretty blog <3
This post was really fun to read-
so...I'm following! ;)

Also, on my blog, I just gave you the
"Versatile Blogger Award"!
Please visit my blog to pass it on.
If you could comment and tell me what you think of my blog, please do! :)

The Anything Place said...

Those are very nice cake plates :D That would be nice to get a collection of them.

Julie Edmonds said...

Thanks everyone!

My mom lives by the phrase, everything looks better on a cake plate so I think I was destined to love them!

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