Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For graduation a few years ago my friend Sarah gave me a great greenhouse shaped terrarium sort of thing. I have used to to start some seeds but mostly forgot about it until I found it in my closet last night. After seeing some gorgeous pictures of terrariums floating around the blogging world (and of course Pintrest), I am now totally inspired to make my own terrarium for a shelf in my living room.



Design Sponge has a, make your own terrarium tutorial, I have had bookmarked forever. I love how you can make them from all sorts of different glass containers; maybe I will start a collection!


Has anyone made their own terrariums before? Any tips or tricks I should know before I start?

P.S. Has everyone seen this great deal from living social? Two movie tickets for 9 dollars!


Señorita said...

Stopping by to say you have a blog award waiting at

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i love love terrariums! i havent made one before because usually the glass cases are so expensive. my bf just bought the movie tickets! whootwhoot. date night. xoxo jcd

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Lovely idea! I've never made one, but I'm going to definitely look into it.

P.S. Just found your cute blog:-) xoxo

Tamuna said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for your sweet comment and a follow, I'm now your newest follower as well :)

Love the idea of terrariums but knowing my bad luck with plants, I don't think they'd survive with me :(

A Journey to Style

Leanna said...

Good luck with yours! I've never made any, but they look awesome so have fun with it, and be sure to post pics if you do! :)
Love your blog!

Fresh Out said...

I saw the terrariums posted on your pinterest and thought 'What a great idea!' I wonder if basil would grow in one.....



Heather said...

Gorgeous! Those terrariums and not be inspired! Best of luck with creating yours; you will have to keep us all posted on how it turns out!
And don't you love Pinterest?! I just discovered it last week and I am in love!

About Last Weekend said...

I love these, they are like little worlds, have bought many as gifts... but am so useless with indoor plants I'm sure mine would wither.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You should totally make some. They're so beautiful and I'd love to have some myself, though I haven't taken the time to make one yet. Do it, and after you finish, write a little post about it!

the outspoken introvert said...

These are great! Awesome idea :)

Day-Dreamin' Optimist said...

I have never heard of terrariums, are they indoor herb grower thing-a-ma-bobs? I would love to learn more about this! They look beautiful! Please let us know how it goes :)

Meg said...

So cool! Great idea! :)


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Wow, so interesting. I never thought of this possibility. I have to say, my garden has been going well lately but the chance is high that I would kill something like this.

Robin said...

I've always wanted a terrarium! Ive always thought I'd kill it though - if that's even possible!??!

ps. Yes i got that amazing living social fandango deal! sweeett!

Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} said...

I love terrariums and have always wanted one for myself, but of course, have never gotten around to it. You'll have to keep us posted with your progress!

Sarah said...

LOL how funny that we used the same picture! It's so pretty isn't it? I found it on pinterest. I'll definitely post pictures. I'm meeting with my grandmother tomorrow and she's going to help me make one. If you made one you should post pictures too. I'd love to see what you made =)

- Sarah

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