Weekend Plans

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My lovely readers, what are your plans for the weekend? This week seems like it has flown by so I feel like I don't have tons of set-in-stone plans I need to get done today and tomorrow. This is great because it means more time for things like this-

 {Sleeping In}

{A Picnic in the Park}

{UnStraightened Curls}
{Tell me this picture doesn't make you wish you had red hair, just for a second}

{Pretty Lipstick}

{And Maybe a Hat as Cute as This}

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend full of things they love!

Photo 1: vtwonen 
Photo 3: Fleshandblond 


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

a picnic would be so nice! i cant wait til the weather gets better in chicago. xoxo jcd

natasha {schue love} said...

I just love this...that hair is to.do.for! Happy Weekend to you!

Cat said...

Oh, that hair is so pretty...could it be on my head please? Happy Weekend!!! xx Cat

Sarah said...

These pictures TOTALLY get me inspired for the weekend. Thanks for sharing =)

- Sarah

GBR1980 said...

What beautiful pictures! That bed looks just comfy enough to sleep in very late! Love the beautiful red hair...I wish my hair did that!!

Day-Dreamin' Optimist said...

such a happy blogger you are :) I wish it were warm enough for a picnic! I hope you can do these things :)

Kristen said...

I totally envied the red hair for a minute... idk if I'm cool enough to go that red but I might settle for some subtle red highlights :) Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Nikki said...

Now I'm wishing I had pillows on my bed as pretty as those, and a picnic.

Anonymous said...

These photos are a real treat! Hope you enjoyed every moment fo your week-end.......a picnic under the rain! Will wait a couple of months before taking out my basket, but that makes me wish it comes soon!

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